The Leo - Medium Without Side Door

The Leo - Medium Without Side Door

Stained Mahogany Pet Credenza 

The Leo - Medium size without side door.  

Price includes shipping in the continental US.


Stained and Sealed Mahogany Wood Fold-Out Frame with Pet Cushion, No Assembly Required


Frame Size 7-3/4″ D x 3′-6″ L x 2’-6” H

Cushion Size: 24″ x 36″


Please note the images above show the Leo - Large with the side door. The overall design of the medium is the same however it is smaller, see the above dimensions.  Also note it does not include the side door.  

Please write for additional information. Thanks!

Please  note this product takes 2-4 weeks to ship.  If needed more quickly please write us!

$ 1,359.99